The Hotface

In college, some friends of mine fondly invented a signature cocktail, aptly named The Hotface, because of the uncomfortable facial flush it provoked upon consumption. Young, broke, and willing to drink just about anything as long as there was alcohol in it, my comrades resourcefully created this beverage from the–albeit limited–supplies that we had on hand in our dorms.

It consisted simply of Philadelphia whiskey (with a fake ID, it was available at the local liquor store for a whopping $12.99 per plastic handle) and lukewarm tap water. The drink was to be enjoyed exclusively out of multicolored fiesta-ware mugs, stolen from our campus cafeteria. When we left out college housing, without even a glimmer of remorse we let this drink (and the bittersweet, blurry memories of it) fade into obsolescence.

Today, though, I reincarnate the deceased. I elevate the Hotface, bringing it to heights that far exceed its former glory. Because we’re grown-ups now, guys.

What You’ll Need:
Bulleit Rye Whiskey
Tabasco sauce
Orange peel twist
Large Format Ice-cube

Start with a large format Ice-cube in a rocks glass (those are the big ones that make your drink look super fancy, and chill your booze without watering it down.) Pour 2 oz. of Bulleit Rye Whiskey–or a comparable quality whiskey or bourbon– then mix in about 1 Tablespoon 100% pure Maple Syrup. (Never compromise with even partially artificially flavored syrup, I beg you.) Add a splash of seltzer water, and three or four dashes of tabasco sauce, depending on your spice tolerance. Top with an orange peel twist, and, voilá!

Hotface 2.0 is sophisticated–the perfect blend of sweet, spicy, sour, and effervescent. Whereas the old one had to be swallowed with a plugged nose between intermittent gags, the new should be sipped in a very adult looking apartment, and then placed on a coaster while you watch the nightly news.

Enjoy responsibly.