Amalfi Sunrise

Over the summer, my friend and I were attending a daytime concert, for which we wanted to achieve the perfect daytime buzz–one that doesn’t end with falling asleep at 3:00pm. She was house-sitting for her parents so we met at their apartment. New York Italians, my friend’s parents had a cabinet full of Italian specialty products; including some boozey treats that would serve our purposes perfectly. With some resourcefulness and ingenuity, we created the Amalfi Sunrise.

What You’ll Need:
Iced Coffee
Anisette sugar

Fill a glass with ice and pour cold coffee over.

Add half a teaspoon of Orzata (this is a sweet syrup, made with almonds, sugar, and rose or orange water) and a teaspoon of Anisette sugar.

Measure out a shot of Sambuca and a shot of vodka and add them to your coffee mixture.

Stir with a dessert spoon, and enjoy!

Featured photo by Roland Tanglao.