Drink The Pain Away

This Thirsty Thursday, drink the pain away people. Or, more accurately, drink the pain of an absolute stranger, or friend, as you add distilled human tears to your cocktail of choice.

Culinary juggernauts Bompas and Parr, the same genius duo who invented an inhale-able form of alcohol, have developed a process for turning your sorrows into delicious tinctured bitters, to add complexity and depth to your Old Fashioned.

This week, in London, the pair is holding workshops, where participants will have the opportunity to literally bottle up their emotions. Before consumption the liquid will be pasteurized, then packaged.

So, if you’ve got the time, hop over to London and distill your tears! Then send them to all of your exes as passive aggressive Christmas presents, with a handwritten note reading, simply; “Look what you’ve done.”

Drink your heart out!

Featured photo by MarLeah Cole.