Red Cup, Plain Cup, I Don't Really Give A F***

Once again, Starbucks in embroiled in an impassioned media blitz. Earlier this year, the super-chain received a whole lot of attention when they released their first new espresso flavor in years. Now, the discussion is a lot more controversial–as they dared to remove tiny reindeers and tacky little tree ornaments from their holiday season coffee cups, opting instead for plain red.

As soon as the announcement was made, each and every Starbucks storefronts disappeared into sinkholes in the ground, as they were swallowed into the gates of hell.

Just kidding.

However, a viral video posted by social media personality and former pastor Joshua Feuerstein did condemn Starbucks for omitting “Christ and Christmas from their brand new cups,” because they allegedly hate Jesus. He also accused the company of abhorring the second amendment, and flashed his handgun to the camera at the end of his rant, simply to be inflammatory.

The president of the company had a different take, said that Starbucks “wanted to usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories.” The chain also released a statement explaining that they simply wanted to “create a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity.”

Feurstein, in his video, urged his followers to tell Baristas at Starbucks that their name was “Merry Christmas” to trick them into writing the phrase at the top of the cup, and shouting it for the world to hear once the customers drink order was complete.

As the country swims in wreaths, twinkly lights, drunken Santas, and incessant carols blasting through our radios, maybe a little less Christmas cheer is just what is needed. Or at least, less explicit exclusion of cultures and communities who do not subscribe to commercial Christmas traditions, or Christmas at all for that matter.

Happy Holidays folks. They truly brings out the best in all of us.