Grandma's Apple Pie Shots

My senior year of college, I attended a Halloween party hosted by several friends who played on my school’s Ultimate Frisbee team. As I walked in the door, my friends–clad in their zombie makeup and corn-syrup blood, dressed as ghouls or dead Disney princesses or pieces of bacon–gathered around me.

They cornered me, grabbed me by the shoulders, sat me in a chair, and chanted, “Come on Becca, don’t be shy! Have some Grandma’s Apple Pie!” They tilted back my head and opened my mouth while I braced myself for the worst. But, to my surprise, this wasn’t the hellish experience that I anticipated; what flowed onto my reluctant tongue was nothing short of heavenly.

Apparently a long-running frisbee tradition, Grandma’s Apple Pie Shots are an interactive drink that require multiple coordinated instigators and a willing participant. They’re also shockingly delicious.

What You’ll Need:
Spiced Rum
Apple Cider
Whipped Cream

Allocate ingredients: one for each mixologist.

Find your guinea pig, and prepare them for ingestion.

Pour one shot rum, directly into their mouths. Follow with an equal amount of apple cider.

Top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon!

Featured photo courtesy of Steven Lilley.