Booze, Infused!

One of the easiest ways to elevate a delicious cocktail is by infusing your liquor base. Infusions are simple and versatile–limited only by your own imagination. Naturally, the higher quality the spirit, the tastier the result. That said, I’ve successfully made infusions with mid-shelf alcohol that are absolutely delicious. Last summer, I bought a bottle of Svedka, stuffed it full of mint, strawberries, and cucumber, then stuck it in the refrigerator overnight. The combo was deathly delicious.

The intensity of your infusion depends both on the ingredients you choose to use and the amount of time you allow. Simply soak your flavoring until you’re pleased with the coloration and taste; anywhere from a day to a few months should be good.

Last fall, my mom made red currant-infused vodka, using berries she harvested from her very own garden. She made a large batch in a gallon mason jar, then, after about two months, transferred the elixir into ornate bottles to give as gifts for the holidays.

For my gin infusion, I used what I had lying around my kitchen: orange peel and thyme. My hope is that this combination will enhance the natural herbaceous undertones of the gin itself.

So, brainstorm your flavors, and start experimenting! You’ll be enjoying your sophisticated concoctions for months to come.