Spicy Gin Old Fashioned

Today, when we think of an Old Fashioned, we think of the popular, but classic whiskey cocktail. Those who know booze history, though, know that the Old Fashioned is the name given to the alleged earliest cocktail: any base spirit, sugar, water, and bitters.

Typically, when ordering an OF today, you won’t need to define your base spirit. The bartender assumes you mean whiskey. But what if we try it with gin?

While I have experimented with gin Old Fashioneds at home before, I haven’t yet published a recipe for one. With just a few weeks left of summer, this sweet and spicy take on one is an ideal tipple for the summer-to-autumn transition.

What you’ll need:
3 oz gin
1/2 oz simple syrup
Orange bitters
Peychaud’s bitters
Hot sauce
Maraschino cherry

In a mixing glass, combine the gin and simple syrup. Add two dashes of orange bitters, Peychaud’s bitters, and hot sauce. Stir with a bar spoon and strain into a rocks glass over ice.

Garnish with the cherry to serve.