Loopy Doopy at The Conrad

I’ll admit, when a friend of mine sent me an email with the subject “Wine pops!” (that included a closing statement of “POPSICLES IN WINE!”) and a link to the rooftop bar called Loopy Doopy, I was quickly sold. The bar is located on a rooftop terrace of the Conrad New York Hotel at 102 North End Avenue in Battery Park City.

Since the space is incredibly small (the photos make it seem larger than it is), my friends and I arrived at 6pm on a Friday evening and put our names in. Loopy Doopy, unfortunately, doesn’t take reservations.

We ended up waiting about an hour and a half before being allowed up to the rooftop; my friends and I spent a good portion of that time around the corner at Shake Shack snacking on fries to pass the time. In terms of the wait, an hour and a half seems to be standard for the after-work rush, though by the time we were allowed up, it had extended to at least two hours.

Once upstairs, we again had to wait another few minutes for the bouncer to check all of our IDs and a second doorman to make sure there was room for our group of seven. Finally, we were allowed into Loopy Doopy, which is a small terrace lined by couches, filled with small tables and plants.

The views of the Statue of Liberty and the New York Harbor, as highlighted by the Loopy Doopy website, were spectacular. As he ushered us into the bar, the doorman told us we’d arrived at the perfect moment since we were just in time for sunset. It truly was a beautiful sight.

My friends and I had planned to order from Loopy Doopy’s Prosecco and Ice Pops menu, which is slightly different than the one featured on the bar’s website. The ice pops are from People’s Pops, which I previously tried at Mad. Sq. Eats earlier this summer.

For my Prosecco and Ice Pop drink, I ordered a Cantaloupe Mint pop with Evan Williams Bourbon in a glass of wine. I should note, I’m not entirely sure if the bourbon was infused in the pop or if it was in the wine; the menu isn’t clear and the bartenders were much too busy to ask.

While the drink was decent, the pop melted quickly (to be fair, it was a warm summer evening) and fell apart in the glass of wine. Additionally, the graininess of the shredded fruit in the ice pop turned my glass of wine into a bit of a pulpy sludge by the end–though the pop did effectively keep my drink cold!

I will say this about the Prosecco and Ice Pop drink: it makes for a wonderful Instagram. My drink matched the sunset perfectly, but each type will look good with the New York Harbor as a backdrop.

However (and this is a big however), a Prosecco and Ice Pop drink will run you more than $20–roughly $22 with tax, plus whatever you’d like to tip the bartender (I went with $2). Essentially, you’re paying for the experience and the photos, so you might as well take ’em and ‘gram ’em!

So, if you, like me, are able to reconcile the price of a Prosecco and Ice Pop and the wait time, Loopy Doopy is certainly a fun experience with friends. I likely won’t be returning anytime soon, since this is more of a one-time trip rather than a weekly hangout spot. But, if you’re already interested in checking out Loopy Doopy, do so–some may call it a bit overrated (I may be one of those people), but it is worth a trip.