Anarchy in Liquid Form


By Rachel Simons

Photo by Rachel Simons.

Molotov Cocktail SSH Edition
Brewery: Evil Twin Brewing
City Where Brewed: Stratford, CT at Two Roads Brewery
Beer Type: Single Hopped Imperial IPA
ABV: 13%
Bitterness: Medium

Full beer drinker’s disclosure: IPAs aren’t always my thing. Unless it is paired with some sort of citrus or other fruity element, the resinous taste of the hops overtake my palate and make me feel like I’m drinking the liquid version of a pinecone. While some beer enthusiasts see this as a good feature, I do not. However, there are a few IPAs that I truly do enjoy drinking and I will even recommend to non-beer drinkers. Evil Twin’s Molotov Cocktail SSH is one of them.

Evil Twin Brewery is a Brooklyn-based “phantom brewery” that is never one to shy away from experimentation. It was created by Danish brewer, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso in 2010. Receiving its name from the fact that Jarnit-Bjergso left his identical twin brother’s brewery in Denmark to come to America and start out on his own, Evil Twin doesn’t actually have a brick and mortar brewery as a home base. Rather, Jarnit-Bjergso and his team create Evil Twin’s beer recipes and then commission different breweries around the world to make their brews for them. Hence the term “phantom brewery.”

Brewed in nearby Stratford, CT, the Molotov Cocktail SSH edition is a new twist on Evil Twin’s already famous Imperial IPA. Most IPAs are made by using various types of hops to create a mixture of flavor, but the Molotov SSH is brewed with only Simcoe hops, which are known for their high acid content and citrusy fragrance.

The result of this single-hopped recipe is an Imperial IPA that still packs a punch flavor-wise, but keeps the usual resinous aspects that I hate to a minimum. Though golden in color, the mouth feel is full-bodied and is similar to that of a stout. The familiar citrus tang of an IPA is still there, but it’s not front and center like some of the beers in Evil Twin’s Femme Fatale IPA series. At 13% ABV, the 750 ml bottle is enough booze that you won’t really need another, but the taste is so smooth that you might forget you are actually drinking alcohol. This beer is surprisingly powerful and definitely lives up to its namesake. It’s just that instead of war, it will create peace between brew-lovers and non-beer drinkers alike.