Thanksgivikkuh Sandwich Two Ways


By Dane Feldman

Photo by Dane Feldman.

Today on Eatopia, DJ Hanabi and I talk about our favorite Thanksgiving leftovers. I mentioned that my favorite is a Thanksgiving sandwich complete with a gravy-soaked layer of bread in the middle (courtesy of a Friends episode), but today’s Sunday Brunch recipe takes the Turkey Day sandwich to a whole new level using the sweet potato latkes I made for Thanksgivikkuh.

This sandwich is inspired by both the latke burger and Monica Geller’s moist maker.

What you’ll need:
3 latkes
2 oz. thin-sliced turkey
1 tbsp cranberry apple sauce
1 egg
2 oz. gravy

Whichever variation you choose to make, you will still need the latkes, turkey, and gravy, so start by soaking 1 latke in the gravy. Lay the turkey on a latke and place the gravy-soaked latke on top of the turkey. Next, add either the applesauce or the fried egg and top with the final latke.

Be careful not to pile too much onto the sandwich. Latkes by nature aren’t terribly sturdy.

You can find my recipe for my sweet potato latkes here and the cranberry apple sauce recipe here.