Green Tea with Lemonade Cubes


By Dane Feldman
Photo by Dane Feldman.

Happy Sunday Brunch, everyone! At this point it’s fairly obvious that I’ve been on a frozen food kick as I’ve been freezing an array of things these last couple of weeks, but there’s just so much we can do with our frozen goods. After feeling inspired from the post-coffee ice cube extravaganza last week, I felt guilty leaving tea out of the equation.

What you’ll need:
2 large measuring glasses
2 teabags
1 1/2 cup water
Juice from 1 lemon
3 Splenda packets
Lemon zest
Ice cube trays

First, brew a full measuring glass of tea using both teabags (I brewed Republic of Tea’s Goji Raspberry Green Tea) and then refrigerate.

While the tea is cooling in the refrigerator, pour the water into the second measuring glass. Add the lemon juice and the Splenda. Stir until the Splenda dissolves into the liquid. Pour the lemonade into ice cube trays and zest a bit of lemon into each cube. Freeze until cubes harden, then serve the tea over 2-3 lemonade cubes.

I find this is a refreshing take on the classic Arnold Palmer as well as a great non-alcoholic alternative for Sunday brunching. However, if you are feeling a little cheekier, the lemonade cubes go well with a glass of bourbon– a great spin on a classic scotch on the rocks with a twist.