Bourbon Bloody Mary

By Dane Feldman

Photo by Dane Feldman.

In the spirit of National Bourbon Heritage Month, I thought it best to put a twist on a brunch classic: the Bloody Mary. Yes, you guessed it. Dish + Drink is bringing you a bourbon Bloody Mary, but this one is far simpler than the original. Call me crazy, but I just don’t think horseradish or Worcestershire sauce really go with whiskey.

What you’ll need:
2 oz bourbon
6 oz tomato juice
1/4 fresh jalapeno
2 lemon wedges
Celery salt

Muddle the jalapeno at the bottom of a highball glass. Pour the tomato juice over it and stir in the bourbon. Squeeze one lemon wedge in and add a dash of celery salt. Stir again and garnish with the second lemon wedge to serve.