Stout NYC

By Dane Feldman

Photo by Dane Feldman.

Stout is located on West 33rd Street in Midtown Manhattan just one block east from Penn Station. Though it’s sandwiched between two other restaurants, Stout is an enormous space packed with patrons enjoying anything from stout beers to cocktails, hard ciders, and even oysters.

The food
Stout truly has something for everyone as the spot offers a price fix menu, a buffet menu, a regular menu, and an hors d’oeurves menu. I ordered from their regular menu, which in itself was difficult. It’s rare that I find a restaurant where the menu offers so many items I want that I have trouble deciding. Stout is one of those places.

Alas, I decided to go with the crabmeat and rock shrimp burger, but not before considering the ahi tuna burger, a smoked salmon pizza from the specials list, Fanny Bay oysters, and the country buttermilk fried chicken fingers with avocado ranch sauce.

The crabmeat and rock shrimp burger was essentially a glorified crab cake sandwich, but damn was it a good one. The rock shrimp was noticeable, which is what I wanted seeing as how it’s my favorite kind of shrimp. The burger was topped with a grain mustard tartar not unlike the average grain mustard. It came with a side of lightly browned french fries, which were of a medium thickness as well as both soft and crisp at the same time. The fries come with a choice of dipping sauce, which in and of itself is a tough decision because Stout offers 10 sauces. I went for the roasted red pepper aioli and wasn’t disappointed in the least. I would absolutely order the sandwich again, but before going back to the roasted red pepper aioli I might try the creamy horseradish or the McDonnells’ Curry Sauce. This is not to say that the aioli wasn’t to my liking, but with so many options I’d feel guilty repeating.

The drinks
Stout wouldn’t be true to its name if it didn’t offer loads of beer, including over 20 different bottled stouts. If stout isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy a beer at Stout. There are around 15 beers on draught, and that’s not including the five stouts on draught.

If that isn’t enough, Stout also serves up over 100 different bottled beers, and around 50 of those are domestic. There are even 10 beers in cans, four gluten-free beers, and at least five ciders offered.

I probably should have ordered beer just for the sheer fact that there are so many that it seems silly to pass up on one, but Stout even has a full bar. So, I went for a Bulleit Bourbon whisky sour since I’ve been on a whisky sour kick.

The service/ambience
Despite the fact that Stout was absolutely swarming on a Wednesday night, I had no trouble getting a table for three people. We were seated immediately without a reservation thanks to the huge space. Stout has tons of seating and even has an open upstairs area overlooking the downstairs and bar areas.

The waitress was extremely lovely, knowledgeable, quick, and friendly, which came as a bit of a surprise to me. Because it was so busy, I thought maybe she might be a bit short with my table, but this wasn’t the case.

All in all, Stout is more than just a place that has everything. It’s “everything” is well-worth dining there again and again. I’d be glad to go back in the future just for the beer, but I can’t imagine myself skipping out on any of the food.