Schnipper's Quality Kitchen


By Dane Feldman

Photo by Dane Feldman.

Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen has two locations, both in NYC: one in Midtown West and one in the Flatiron District. While I have been to both locations, my recent trip to the Flatiron location is the one most worth noting. And so, the quest for the best neighborhood burger continues.

The food:
In a city filled with burger joints that often try to do too much with their menus, Schnipper’s is a true diamond in the rough. They make a classic burger that pays homage to burgers as I imagine they must have been 50 years ago (and at a great price, too).

I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with pickles and this was the first time so far during my burger quest that I felt the burger was the right size. Most have been so big that I struggle to finish them, which is usually due to a bit too much bread in the bun. Schnipper’s bun is all about functionality and it doesn’t overpower the rest of the sandwich. This is definitely a big plus for me.

Schnipper’s cooks its burgers medium, but the cashiers make a point to tell customers and to make sure that’s alright. I give more points for that because I prefer my meat medium rare. With that said, the meat was good, but not as beefy as Shake Shack’s meat. The fries at Schnipper’s are the first shoestring style fries I’ve found since beginning this quest and are hands down the best of the bunch.

I also had the chance to taste the Mac & Joe, a combination of Mac & Cheese and Schnipper’s original Sloppy Joe meat. This is a delicious pairing of two foods I normally wouldn’t think to combine. Even if you’re heading into Schnipper’s for a burger, I’d suggest trying this dish.

The drinks:
Schnipper’s offers a variety of fountain sodas, tea, lemonade, shakes, specialty shakes, malts, and ice cream floats. There’s also a daily happy hour special involving discounted beer that begins at 4pm.

The service/ambience:
Schnipper’s is a great place to go for a quick lunch out. While customers order and pay at the counter, they can then sit down with their numbers and a waiter or waitress will bring the food right to the table. Customers can also order to go. This makes it easy to eat and leave at your own pace, which is great for people just looking to take a lunch break from work. The restaurant has a large and open seating area, which is quite comfortable for dining either with a group or alone.  

In the grand scheme of New York burger joints, Schnipper’s is close to the top of the list. Though with Shake Shack just down the street from the BTR offices, Schnipper’s burger is more than a consolation prize for those unwilling to wait in line for the Shack.