Rickshaw Dumpling Bar


By Dane Feldman

Photo courtesy of Robyn Lee.

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar is located on 23rd Street between 5th and 6th here in NYC, but Rickshaw Dumplings also has a dumpling food truck that travels throughout the city as well as two other locations.

The food:
The truck and bar have two separate menus, but I’ve yet to encounter the dumpling truck. This is largely due to the fact that BTR is located so close to the Dumpling Bar that it’s easiest for me to just head there.

The bar menu isn’t extensive, but it is impressive. Daily steamed dumpling specials on top of the seven permanent options makes choosing a dumpling difficult for all the right reasons. I’ve enjoyed the flavor pairings of the Szechuan Chicken dumplings most so far (chicken with Szechuan chili, white soy bean, and chili soy dip), but I’ve yet to taste them all. I intend to taste the Peking Duck dumplings as well as the Kim Chi Beef dumplings before I move on to the specials.

RDB also offers two “Box Lunches,” wherein customers can either snag a Rickshaw Regular ($8.96), which contains a medium order of dumplings and either noodles, salad, or a side of their choice. The Bento Box ($6.89) contains four dumplings, rice, and edamame.

If dumplings aren’t for you, RDB makes three kinds of steamed buns, three kinds of noodle soup, and three salads as well, not to mention eight unique sides.

Truth be told, there are so many delicious options on the RDB menu that I’ll likely not try it all, but I’m determined.

The drinks:
So far, I’ve only tried the Green Tea Shake, which tasted a bit like a combination of bubble milk green tea and green tea ice cream– though gritty in a good way. RDB sells an array of hot tea, soda, and iced tea, as well as Thai iced tea.

The service/ambience:
The cashiers at Rickshaw Dumpling bar are consistently friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. The service is quick when ordering to go as well as when ordering in, which makes this place a bit of New York fast food revolutionary.

Aside from their incredible reviews in both New York Magazine and Travel + Leisure, among others, Rickshaw Dumplings goes above and beyond. Their ingredients are typically sustainable and often local, anti-biotic free, or all natural. , For being a great spot for fast and guilt-free dumplings, Rickshaw Dumplings is a place I’m happy to give my business.