Pommes Frites


By Dane Feldman

Photo by Dane Feldman.

I went to a state university for undergraduate school just like so many of my peers. I also had the wonderful opportunity to be in Amherst, Massachusetts for those four years, which is one of the top-ranked college towns in America.

It’s fairly traditional of college towns to have at least one great stop for drunk kids to grab some food post-bar hopping. That place in Amherst is Antonio’s pizza. Here in NYC, you can find a dollar slice on most blocks, but the place that truly stands out is Pommes Frites.

Located near St. Marks in NYC, Pommes Frites, a shop that specializes in authentic Belgian pommes frites, is a hub for foodies and drunk college kids alike. The pommes frites come in three sizes: regular ($4.50), large ($6.25), and double ($7.75). The shop offers 28 specialty sauces for $1.50 each. Pommes Frites also offers classic Canadian poutine in small ($5.50) and large ($6.50).

I shared a regular size of pommes frites with a friend and we bought two sauces: Parmesan Peppercorn and Sweet Chili. The regular size provides plenty of the thick and delicious fries, which are “100% fresh cut potatoes cooked in high quality gluten free vegetable oil.” I had trouble picking just two sauces, but Pommes Frites is so excellent I’ll definitely return enough times to try them all. I’m especially curious about Vietnamese Pineapple Mayo, War Sauce, and Bordeaux Wine, Figs & Sage Mayo. BTR’s Emma Nolan, a Dublin native, also tells me that the Irish Curry is quite authentic. Some of the sauces are vegan and gluten free, so Pommes Frites certainly caters to a variety of customers.

All in all, Pommes Frites is unlike any other place I’ve been (mostly because I’ve not been to a specialty fries place) and is definitely worth a trip or two (or three).