Off The Wagon


By Dane Feldman

Photo by Dane Feldman.

Off The Wagon Bar & Grill is located at 109 MacDougal Street across the street from Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village, NYC.

The food
Off The Wagon is first and foremost a college bar, but the food is a bit outside the box for such a place. Yes, it’s bar food, but a few of the items are different enough from the tired burgers and fries of many similar bars.

During my first and only trip (so far) to Off The Wagon, I went for these items. I had two sliders: one was a cheeseburger slider with fried onions and one was a bacon, egg, and cheese slider. The first slider is nothing to write home about, but I would eat it again.

The second, however, was fantastic. The bacon, egg, and cheese slider is not just the average bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. It’s the perfect cheese and bacon ratio to bread, meaning that the slider bun is just the right amount. I often find when I eat bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches that it’s just too much bread, but this was not the case here.

What really sold me on Off The Wagon’s menu, though, were the tater tots. I mentioned in my review of The Melt Shop that I’ve only recently discovered my enjoyment of tater tots, so their inclusion into Off The Wagon’s menu was more than just a pleasant surprise. I ordered them plain, but as a New Jersey native I will definitely be heading back to order them as disco tots: cheese, bacon, and gravy on top.

Off The Wagon also offers cheese steak, hand cut fries, onion rings, hand sliced potato chips, wings, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and two kinds of quesadillas.

The drinks
Off The Wagon boasts a full bar, fifteen beers on tap, an assortment of bottled beer, cider, and a handful of tallboys.

I drank vodka gimlets, which were $3 each thanks to their wildly cheap happy hour special.

The service/ambience
Off The Wagon offers waitress service in booths for those looking to eat and drink, but patrons can also drink at the bar or upstairs. I sat in a booth and my waitress was friendly and attentive. She had no idea what a vodka gimlet was, but thankfully the bartender did so no issues there.

The space itself is fairly large, dimly lit, and just the right amount of busy for a weeknight. All in all, Off The Wagon is a perfectly laid back spot for any night and I’m sorry to say I’m only first learning of it now. I’ll be back for more sliders and $3 well drinks quite soon.