Ocean Sushi


By Dane Feldman

Photo by Dane Feldman.

Ocean Sushi is located on Oradell Ave in Oradell, New Jersey. Like many of the sushi spots in Northern New Jersey, Ocean Sushi is fairly casual and relatively inexpensive.

The food
Also like many of the sushi restaurants in the area, Ocean boasts a comprehensive, but predictable menu: a wide variety of special rolls, sashimi, hand rolls, soup, salad, kitchen appetizers and entrees, and specials.

The fish is consistently fresh (I’ve been dining here for years) and the sashimi deluxe is amongst some of the best I’ve had. The menu does have enough items that, regardless of its predictability, it’s still easy to find something you haven’t had before.

The same can’t be said, however, for the special rolls menu. I am almost positive that the special rolls haven’t changed in over year.

The drinks
Again, like so many other restaurants in New Jersey, Ocean Sushi is a BYOB establishment. There is a liquor store just around the corner if you forget to bring a bottle with you.

Ocean Sushi does offer soft drinks and tea.

The service/ambience
The wait staff at Ocean is friendly and knowledgeable, but not always so attentive. It does get busy in the restaurant at times, but that’s no excuse for forgetting to fill requests for more water, a fresh plate, or a pair of chopsticks.

The restaurant is about average in size and the seating area is one large room, but one area is sectioned off by hanging decorative curtains. The sushi bar is small with low, comfortable chairs and is a great place to dine when with only one other person. The sushi chefs are extremely friendly and happy to chat or fill any request that they can.

Ocean Sushi is reliable and convenient when I’m in the area, which is one of my main reasons for dining here. The food is consistently good, fresh, and affordable. You won’t walk out of here having enjoyed a 5-star experience, but you will be perfectly satisfied.