MetLife Stadium Fanfare

By Dane Feldman

Photo by Dane Feldman.

Monday night, I was fortunate enough to attend my very first NFL game. It was also my first time in MetLife Stadium and what a fantastic experience it was. Because I’d not been before to a professional football game, I didn’t know what to expect food-wise, but I was more than pleasantly surprised.

I attended the game with Eatopia’s DJ Hanabi and we both agreed that MetLife Stadium is fanfare foodie heaven, serving up more than just generic beer and greasy pretzels. Budweiser is an official sponsor of the NFL, so I assumed there wouldn’t be much of a selection but I was wrong. Unfortunately, the beer seemed expensive to me even by both New York and sporting event standards. To start, we bought two standard-sized Stella Artois for $11 a piece.

Following our first round of beer, DJ Hanabi and I navigated our way over to a kosher hot dog stand. As a Jewish New Jersey native, it has come to my attention that I’ve taken the kosher dog for granted. We purchased two hot dogs for $6 a piece (a pretty standard price at stadiums and sporting events alike) and DJ Hanabi raved. I had to agree that it was a damn good dog in that it was juicy, flavorful, and not nearly as processed-tasting as most stadium dogs. Hanabi, a San Francisco resident, gave extra points for the delicious sauerkraut, too. Apparently, we’re a lucky bunch here having sauerkraut as an option.

Our second and final round of beer consisted of two $10 Heinekens. There isn’t much to say there except that it had been a while for both of us and we’d forgotten how much we appreciate the beer. It’s a cheap staple that doesn’t disappoint. Hanabi grabbed an order of Nathan’s classic krinkle cut fries with cheese and had nothing but good things to say. Again, Nathan’s fries are a New York staple that I’ve taken for granted, but that mound of warm cheese was an enticing invite even a local couldn’t refuse.

We also had chicken fingers and Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies. The chicken fingers were entirely forgettable, but I can’t say there was anything wrong with them. The Mrs. Fields cookies, on the other hand, were a great addition to our feast.

We went for staples Monday night, but MetLife Stadium has much more to offer than just regular great-tasting fanfare. There’s also a Food Network station as well as spots for Asian noodles and dumplings, cheesesteaks, sushi, burritos and tacos, grilled cheese, fried clams, and even knishes. While I could have gone for just about anything, I’m glad I spent my night eating the classics with a visitor. Watching Hanabi enjoy the foods I’ve grown accustomed to reminded me that New York hosts some wonderful cuisine.

On this coming Saturday’s edition of Eatopia, DJ Hanabi and I chat more about our experience (as well as his trip to NYC), so tune in.