Fujiyama Mama Follow-Up

By Dane Feldman

Photo by Dane Feldman.

Fujiyama Mama is a sushi and hibachi restaurant located on South Avenue in Westfield, NJ. I first reviewed this restaurant about seven months ago when I was floundering for a sushi spot to call my own. After a place I’d been frequenting a few towns over changed its management, I had no allegiance to any sushi restaurants. Now, I think it lies with Fujiyama Mama.

The food
Fujiyama Mama’s sushi is incredibly consistent, the food is constantly fresh, and the menu throughout is dependable.

But this restaurant is more than just dependable. The special rolls are off the charts in creativity, especially for a local New Jersey spot. This isn’t a place to order a Dragon roll, but instead order Pearls of Wisdom (fried oysters, avocado, cucumber, and lettuce), Risk Addiction (shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, and pine nuts inside with special sushi rice), or the Cranford Roll (salmon tempura, fried onion, mayonnaise, and caviar). Other rolls include ingredients like Chilean sea bass, baby lobster, and real crab.

I personally love the Cranford Roll, as well as Funky Monkey (eel and banana inside topped with eel sauce), and the Mind Eraser (tuna, salmon, white tuna, spicy lobster, avocado, jalapeno, and real crab meat without rice).

Fujiyama Mama also serves up half-priced sushi Monday-Thursday, but not all rolls are included.

The drinks
Fujiyama Mama is one of very few sushi restaurants in Northern New Jersey that has a liquor license.

The restaurant offers wine, beer, sake, and cocktails. Fujiyama Mama also serves non-alcoholic beverages: soda, juice, mock cocktails, Japanese soda, smoothies, bubble tea, and milkshakes.

I personally enjoy the 007: Stoli Ohranj, orange juice, and 7 Up on the rocks, but at some point I’ll try a few of the martinis.

The service/ambience
Fujiyama Mama isn’t just a sushi restaurant. The restaurant also offers hibachi in another room, so the space is pretty large.

Because of the half-priced sushi menu on the aforementioned nights, the restaurant is almost always busy. Thankfully, the wait is rarely more than 15 minutes, but this place is worth a 45-minute wait on any given night.