By Dane Feldman

Photo by Dane Feldman.

Ferraro’s is located on Elm Street in Westfield, New Jersey. After having suffered a massive fire just a couple of years ago, Ferraro’s quickly reopened its doors with an even bigger space and an updated menu to boot.

The food
Before the fire, I dined at Ferraro’s every now and then, but typically only if my first choice and second choice restaurants in Westfield were too busy to get a table. It was reliable in that I knew I could get something I liked for a good price, but I couldn’t have called it memorable.

Last weekend, I went to Ferraro’s for the first time since the doors reopened. Now, I can say that Ferraro’s is more than just an ole reliable that’s there if I need it. Ferraro’s has jumped to the forefront of Westfield dining. The restaurant boats a lengthy dinner menu, a tapas menu, a lunch menu, a dessert menu, and even a kids menu. On top of that, Ferraro’s also includes a specials menu.

I ate Penne Malafemina: lobster tail, diced shrimp, clams, kalamata olives, and roasted garlic in a white wine sauce. The portion was large, but not too big, and for what it was the price was decent (though this was amongst the most expensive items on the menu). I would definitely eat this again, but not unless I’m throwing caution to the wind when it comes to my wallet.

The drinks
The restaurant boasts a full bar and quite an impressive wine and cocktails list. I went for a glass of prosecco, but had a hard time deciding. In true Italian fashion, Ferraro’s offers dessert wines, ports, grappas, a variety of coffee cocktails, not to mention an exceptional wine list both by the glass and by the bottle.

The service/ambience
Ferraro’s is an enormous space—it takes up almost an entire block. The indoor seating area is quite spacious, but Ferraro’s also has outdoor seating that wraps around the entirety of the outside of the property as well as seating upstairs inside and out.

The service at Ferraro’s is wonderful. The restaurant is one of few in the area to offer valet parking and the wait staff is hard to beat.

The dish I ordered comes standard with linguini instead, but I couldn’t decide between the Malafemina and one of the specials that came with penne so my waitress accommodated me. I normally wouldn’t have even asked, but she was so friendly and forthcoming that I felt comfortable doing so.

I’ll definitely return to Ferraro’s again, if not for the food, it’ll be for the al fresco experience.