Bareburger NYC

By Dane Feldman
Photo by Dane Feldman.

Last week, fellow BTR staff members and I headed over to Bareburger located at 153 8th Ave. here in NYC. Finding a good burger in New York isn’t too difficult as there are great places all over the city that are looking to “recreate” an American classic, as well as places that perfect the classic. With that in mind, Bareburger may even be above the pack, as the company serves all organic meals without sacrificing taste or creativity. Bareburger has also been a top 10 burger in NYC for three straight years.

BTR’s Molly Freeman ate the Classic beef burger with garlic dill pickle chips, sweet apple grilled onions, ketchup, and added sharp cheddar cheese all on a brioche bun. Molly also tried the salted caramel milkshake, although she found it was even saltier than was necessary and had trouble finishing it. I tasted the milkshake and agreed. She did, however, enjoy her burger and claims it wasn’t as greasy as most classic beef burgers. This is likely due to the fact that Bareburger’s beef is grass-fed and 85 percent lean. The sharp cheddar is also 100 percent organic, made from grass-fed cows, and free of growth hormones. The produce is also all organic and so are the milkshakes.

Timothy Dillon (of the Restricted Audience Required podcast) had I had ostrich with lettuce, tomato, fried onions, and smoked mozzarella on a brioche bun. He said, “it is difficult to get the proper taste of a meat when in ground form, and the ostrich is no exception. Bareburger’s ostrich burger was lean, beef-like, with a touch of gaminess akin to turkey burger, only this was definitely red meat I was eating.”

The ostrich is pasture raised and at 95 percent, it is also the leanest of all meats Bareburger offers. Tim also says the burger didn’t sit well with him, which may be due to the fact that he had not tried ostrich before. He did enjoy his vanilla milkshake, which is good news considering he often judges restaurants based on the flavor and consistency of its vanilla shake.

I had the Roadhouse burger with bison, pepper jack cheese, country bacon, hass avocado, fire roasted red peppers
sweet apple grilled onions, and smoked paprika mayo on a wheat wrap. I’m a big fan of bison and this burger definitely held up for me. I loved the flavor combinations and felt perfectly full after finishing it.

Among us, we tried the french fries, which are cooked in peanut oil and with the skins left on. Those of us who tasted the fries thought they were delicious and not at all greasy. The fries are seasoned with just a dash of salt and pepper. We also had the mint lemonade, which was quite refreshing and not too sweet as well as two different elk burgers which were both well-received.

All in all, dining at Bareburger was a success and I’d certainly recommend it, though not for those who are pinching pennies. My burger before tip was $16+, so I definitely won’t be making Bareburger a weekly staple.

Have you ever been to a Bareburger location? What was your experience like?