Shinobi Ramen

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Ramen is winter food, right? Wrong. Not when there’s cold ramen on the table folks, and that’s exactly what Bushwick staple Shinobi Ramen had waiting for me on a humid summer eve.

Shinobi is located just a few steps from the Morgan Ave. L stop, in Bushwick. It’s a compact, cash-only joint with a communal table and one lone server who generally waits patiently in a corner, while surveying the crowd. Oh, and it’s BYOB: that’s my kind of spot.

Usually when I visit this spot I opt for a more traditional hot ramen. Their broth is chicken based, and is cooked fresh every day. It cooks for seven hours throughout the day to build complex, rich flavors. But on a 90 degree day in NYC a steaming bowl of soup isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind.

Luckily, Shinobi was offering two options for cold noodles: one veggie, one chicken. Obviously I opted for the meat packed option. It was topped with a spicy sesame broth/sauce, scallions, a boiled egg, and shredded chicken. I added corn for good measure.

The noodles were perfectly cooked; bouncy, chewy, never soggy. The broth was rich and peanut-y, so much so that I couldn’t finish all of it! The scallion added a much needed bite, and the corn gave a sweetness and crunch. The perfectly composed cold dish to stop me from going hungry, without making me sweat.

Because noodles are all-the-time food, people.