Tomoe Sushi

There are a million and one sushi places in NYC. But there’s only one that I can call my own; okay fine, I can’t really call it that, but it is my favorite standard little spot to frequent. Tomoe Sushi, on Thompson Street, is right around the corner from the famous, swanky, Blue Ribbon Sushi—but here’s the secret, it’s a fraction of the price, and it’s just as good.

My parents love to joke about how, as a two-year-old, sushi was already my favorite food (obviously I was a super sophisticated toddler). And now, at almost 25, apparently my tastes haven’t changed all that much. Well, maybe they’ve evolved a little…I used to opt for the crazy, elaborate rolls, but now I prefer the more traditional, simpler, fish-over-rice iterations.

Tomoe delivers these with consistency, superb freshness, authenticity and zero pretension. The one caveat is that the restaurant only accepts cash and American Express, so if you decide to pay them a visit, make sure you come prepared.

The meal always starts with a warm, damp towel with which to wipe your hands, and a complimentary serving of marinated bean sprouts to wet your appetite.

Usually, I opt for the Sushi Deluxe, which provides an assortment of fish which, as the name suggests, is rather “deluxe.” The stand-outs tend to be the scallop and the salmon, both of which are always buttery and oh-so-melt-in-your-mouth. It also comes with soup or salad, which always arrives almost immediately–a plus if you’re starving (I usually am).

The only reason I’ve waited so long to give my endorsement to Tomoe Sushi is because, in some way, I’d like it to remain my little secret perfect spot. I’ve decided, however, that it’s better to spread love than to hoard it. So, if you’re looking for sushi that’s so good even a two-year-old would love it, give this place a go.