Bar Primi

When the cold winter winds start to blow, there’s nothing better than a warm, creamy bowl of pasta to get your blood moving. I recently had the pleasure of visiting Bar Primi, on Bowery and East 2nd (Manhattan, New York). The two floor Italian eatery was cozy as can be–packed full of couples and friends hoping to gain some respite from the chilly metropolis we foolishly call home.

Our carbo-loaded meal featured scrumptious, stick to your bones dishes, all of which I’d absolutely go back for seconds of.

We started with Broccoli with bomba calabrese, feta, and breadcrumbs. The broccoli was served room temperature, and coated in a tangy vinaigrette. Breadcrumbs and feta added some girth to this vegetable dish.

Next came the Beet Salad with pistachio pesto and pimento yogurt. Not only was this dish colorful and visually stunning, I couldn’t stop scraping the bottom of the plate for more.

Calamari Friti with red hots and spicy aioli. Fried calamari is one of the residual guilty pleasure foods from my childhood that I still can’t get enough of. This one was perfectly crunchy, not at all greasy.

Orecchiete with salsiccia, broccoli rabe, and pecorino. These little shell shaped pasta are molded with chefs thumbs, and they’re one of my favorite pasta shapes!

Lasty, my favorite dish out of the bunch: the Squid Ink campanelle with crab, garlic crema, and fresno. There’s something satisfying about eating squid ink pasta, it always feels like a mysterious indulgence.

For delicious homemade pasta and intimate candlelit conversation, Bar Primi is a solid spot that packs a punch.