A couple of weeks ago, my family landed a reservation at Noma, in Copenhagen, Denmark: routinely ranked the world’s best restaurant. The meal fell a measly three days before I would arrive to pass the holidays with them.

Luckily, my incessant whines about their betrayal led them to schedule a dinner at another high-end eatery in the city, complete with chefs that once worked at the famous Noma kitchen. We would have a family meal at BROR (Danish for ‘Brother’), apparently a go-to spot for those who crave the type of quality innovation and fare of more experimental gastropubs, with a mildly less hefty price-tag.

Part of the intrigue that had led us to BROR to begin with was that I had heard a rumor from a friend that the restaurant featured a very special snack: penis. That’s right, you heard me, I SAID PENIS. It was the first thing on the menu I looked for, and it eluded me.

“Excuse me, sir?” I said to our charming, refined, Danish waiter “I heard you serve, ahem, penis here…”

“Oh, yes, sure!” He responded, “It’s not on the menu at the moment, as we’ve run out of bull balls, but I’ll make sure to get you a bag of our signature ‘dick chips.’”

This was going to be a good meal. Outside of our unusual amuse-bouche, we each ordered the four course tasting menu.

The chips arrived, and my mother, father, sister and I sat around the cozy table, dimly lit my candlelight, munching on–you guessed it–dick.

Soon-thereafter, the first course arrived: it consisted of salted herring, smoked creme fresh, beetroot, nasturtium leaves, and bacon oil. The combination between tart herring, smokey creme fresh, earthy beetroot, zesty nasturtium, and rich bacon oil was pure perfection.

The second; squid, pickled potato, potato mash, parsley sauce. Each of us nearly licked our plate clean.

Third: grilled pork neck, roasted carrots, horseradish, crispy pork, green herbs. This was a really homey dish, almost like one that your grandmother would prepare, but better.

For dessert, a semi-sweet, semi-savory treat: Jeruselum artichoke cake with thyme crumble, blueberry sauce, and skyr ice cream.

So, I didn’t get to go to Noma, but I did get to have an out-of-this-world meal, and try some very new things. If you ever find yourself in Copenhagen, resigned to the fate of not landing a reservation at Noma, try BROR instead. They might surprise you.