Tortilla Flats

I’m just gonna say it: there’s not a ton of great Mexican food in Manhattan. Once you make your way to the outer boroughs of the city, things get spicier, cheaper, and more authentic. But this little island is a bit of a wasteland. There’s no shortage of Mexican restaurants, but there is a lack of ones that leave your pockets full and your mouth salivating for more.

Tortilla Flats, located at 767 Washington Street, is no exception. The food is mediocre at best, however, the overall attitude of the place just might make it worth a visit. Maybe.

I went with a friend, and the first thing we did was order Margaritas of course. They were decent, and came accompanied by unspectacular store-bought chips and watery salsa. Meh.

We guzzled our Margaritas and ordered a couple of plates to share:

Mole Enchiladas: chicken-filled corn tortillas with homemade mole poblano and jack cheese-served with rice and beans
I love Mole. Traditionally it’s rich and complex, a combination of countless ingredients brought together to form a completely unique and delicious flavor. These Mole Enchiladas were bland and dry. Nothing to write home about.

Pollo Verde: tomatillo, serrano chili and garlic salsa atop grilled chicken breast cutlets with melted cheese.
I can hardly remember how this dish tasted, and that’s definitely not a good sign. One of the hallmark traits of Mexican food is a whole lot of flavor, and this dish definitely did not deliver in that department. It wasn’t horrible, but it was absolutely unmemorable, which is almost as bad.

Though the food at Tortilla Flats left something to be desired, we were thoroughly entertained for the duration of our meal. The decor is colorful, with metallic multi-colored tassels hanging from the ceiling, and pinkish red mood lighting. Music blared throughout our dinner, everything from classic Rooney to modern Bieber. “Are we in a club?” we giggled. Furthermore, there were firemen walking through the restaurant in uniform, and each time they passed by a certain table the diners would erupt with uproarious applause. Who knows why, but it sure was fun to behold.

Don’t go to Tortilla Flats for the food. Go there after you’ve had a yummy meal to hang out, have a good time and get drunk.