Stars Cafe

During my mid-summer trip to Shelter Island, I visited several great restaurants. I’ve reviewed most of them already, which includes Red Maple at The Chequit, SALT Waterfront Bar & Grill, Commander Cody’s and my wonderful brunch experience at The Chequit Inn.

However, I didn’t mention that I lunched twice at Stars Cafe, a great casual spot just a few doors down from The Chequit on Grand Ave in Shelter Island Heights.

The cafe is well received and boasts a rating as high as 4.3 stars on Facebook.

The food
The cafe’s menu is enormous and offers a variety of breakfast options like pancakes, muffins, eggs, and homemade scones, but the spot also offers soup, inventive salads, sandwiches, and burritos that include a large selection of vegetarian and vegan friendly options.

I dined here twice and went the vegetarian route both times, which is something I don’t ordinarily do. While I was quite enticed by fried chicken (as I always am), I was even more impressed with the vegetarian sandwiches, wraps, and burritos. So, I ordered a wrap with brown rice, spinach, avocado, roasted red peppers, white onion, and sour cream during my first trip.

The wrap was delicious and flirted the line between wrap and burrito just enough that it satisfied my craving for both a sandwich and a burrito at once. Despite how many other options there are on Stars Cafe’s menu, I felt compelled to order the sandwich a second time when I returned the following day, only the second time I ordered grilled chicken too.

Despite my decision to stick with the almost the exact same meal a second time, I was plenty happy with my choice. With that said, when I return to Shelter Island next, I’ll certainly wind up at Stars Cafe again, but this time I’ll definitely be sure to branch out.

The drinks
During both of my trips to Stars Cafe, I refrained from ordering a drink, but the restaurant does offer a wide variety of fresh juices, tea, smoothies, and coffee.

The service/ambience
As I mentioned previously, Stars Cafe is a casual dining experience. Patrons are to order and pay at the counter, but can then be seated wherever they please. The friendly and attentive wait staff will then bring the meal to the table and proceed to wait on the patrons as with a more classic sit down restaurant. This experience makes Stars Cafe the perfect place to stop in for a quick, but enjoyable meal while en route to another destination.

The cafe itself is quaint and welcoming, with a handful of tables both inside and out. All in all, the family-owned cafe offers a pleasant dining experience for anyone visiting Shelter Island looking for something even more down to earth than the remainder of the lax, but far more expensive, restaurants on the island.