1 Republik

In a small city packed with bars and restaurants, 1 Republik manages to maintain a large crowd most nights of the week. Despite the true plethora of other spots, in the short time I have lived in Hoboken I have already been to 1 Republik for dinner twice.

The bar and restaurant has two locations in New Jersey. I’ve been to the one in Hoboken on Washington Street between Second and Third, which garners ratings between three and four stars, and I can see why.

The food
1 Republik is, in a lot of ways, your run of the mill bar. It serves pub food, like burgers, wings, fish and chips, and quesadillas, but the restaurant’s menu is a little more creative than most other bars in its category.

For those who’ve been reading along with Dish + Drink, you know by now that I have an appreciation for all sorts of food. What I mean by this is that I have no reservations admitting my love of greasy tater tots and juicy cheeseburgers. If you align with me on that, 1 Republik is a good spot to check out.

During my first visit, three friends and I all went for dinner and three of us ordered burgers. One of my friends and I decided to split two, the fried pickle burger (chipotle mayo, fried pickles, fried onions, and cheddar cheese) and the hashbrown burger (hashbrown, crispy onions, and roasted pepper aioli). Both burgers were delicious, but because of my often-professed love for potatoes in all forms, I was more drawn to the hashbrown burger.

As it turns out, I ordered it again during my second trip. I needed that roasted pepper aioli as much as the hashbrown itself. My group and I also split the loaded nachos, which were delicious. But, there are plenty of other items I’d like to try next including the BBQ whiskey burger (barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, and Napa slaw steamed in whiskey), the lobster roll (which also contains bacon and shallots), and the BLT (braised pulled bacon, bacon, green leaf lettuce, tomato, and herbed aioli, on sourdough bread).

The drinks
Like I said, 1 Republik is a bar, so the drinks section of their menu is quite impressive. Not only do they offer specials every day of the week for lunch, happy hour, and “power hour,” but 1 Republik also serves signature martinis, cocktails, frozen drinks, and an array of wine and beer.

The first time I dined here, I tried a specialty whiskey cocktail which included mint and honey, and also had the opportunity to taste a friend’s sangrita: a sweet and boozy combination of frozen sangria and a frozen margarita. I’d recommend this if you like frozen cocktails, but be wary of both the sugar content and the alcohol content. It’ll hit you pretty hard.

The second time, I was here for happy hour and started with a $4 well drink. I had a whiskey and soda with lemon and was fortunate enough that their well whiskey is decent. After this, I tried the $5 call drink to upgrade to Jameson in my whiskey and soda, which was also a great deal.

The service/ambience
This bar has something of an exclusive vibe to it because they employ a bouncer even during kitchen hours. To enter 1 Republik at all (unless you are bringing your children, which is allowed), you have to be at least 21. The vibe during happy hour is great and the service is attentive and friendly.

I haven’t yet been to 1 Republik after kitchen hours, but from what I’ve heard it develops a bit more of a night club scene than I’m after. Either way, it’s a great spot for a good burger and inexpensive drinks.