Tisha's Fine Dining

Exactly one year ago, I reviewed Tisha’s Fine Dining in Cape May after having gone on an extended weekend trip to the tip of New Jersey. I returned for a similar trip last weekend and wound up at Tisha’s for a second time. The restaurant, located in the heart of downtown Cape May on the Washington Street Mall, was just as busy this year as it was the last.

The food
The one slightly negative comment I can make is that Tisha’s menu seems to have stayed almost exactly the same since last summer. That said, everything we ate was delicious.

For starters, my table of four shared clams in a garlic and white wine sauce (a little salty, but clams always are), and the mussels in a Thai red curry sauce. I could have drank the entire bowl of sauce on my own, but everyone else was just as excited as I was so I had to share. We actually wound up asking for some bread just so we could sop up the sauce.

Then, I ate the same crab cakes I had last year. I raved about them so much for so long that I just couldn’t help myself. The presentation was the same: crab cakes topped with shrimp and crab meat over a bed of barely wilted fresh spinach along with some mashed potatoes. I ate every last bite on my plate. Tisha’s serves the very best crab cakes I have had to date and they certainly lived up to my expectations after last time.

This restaurant is largely a seafood spot, but if you aren’t interested in this kind of fare, don’t be deterred. The menu does include steak, pork chop, veal, chicken, and several pasta options.

The drinks
Tisha’s is a BYO establishment, which is one of the main reasons why we were enticed in the first place. Many of the spots on the Washington Street Mall are bars, so Tisha’s stands out.

Just don’t forget to bring your own booze.

The service/ambience
Despite having a reservation for 7pm, we did have to wait more than a few minutes before we were seated.

Once seated at our table, we were informed that the staff was shorthanded, but they did make up for this. The wait staff was friendly and attentive even though they were swamped.

We ate outside on their west patio, which is right in the heart of the mall, but Tisha’s also has a beautiful space inside with one large room and one small room, as well as a second patio space in the rear of the restaurant.

All in all, dining at Tisha’s is a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it for those in the area.