By Dane Feldman

Photos by Dane Feldman.

A few Fridays ago, I was wandering at the southern tip of Kip’s Bay in Manhattan looking for a spot that would offer a solid, quick dinner when I stumbled upon Maguro on 28th Street and Third Ave thinking it was just another sushi spot.

It so happens that I had assumed it was just another hole in the wall sushi restaurant, but as it turns out, Maguro is a favorite of a friend who I trust more than anyone else when it comes to good quality sushi.

It didn’t take long for me to learn why the seemingly unhip Maguro earned such a coveted title from a fellow sushi lover.

The food
Aside from Sushi Yasaka and one extremely exciting trip to Morimoto in Napa, California, I have not encountered tuna so fresh that its color is actually different than the tuna I typically encounter. Seriously, this tuna at Maguro is so fresh that the color is bolder, richer, and more purple than tuna I’ve tasted almost anywhere else.

I dined here with one other a bit later than I typically do for dinner, so we decided to order far less food than we might ordinarily. With that in mind, we started with a tuna roll, an eel avocado roll, and a crazy salmon roll. Everything was great, but we were still a bit hungry, so we decided to order a tuna hand roll and a green salad.

Little did we know that the $3 green salad would wind up being large enough for the two of us to share so easily. Not only is Maguro serving up fresh fish, it is also serving generous portions at an impressively decent price for Manhatttan’s East Side.

The restaurant also offers cooked dishes like broiled black cod, as well as a variety of teriyaki, tempura, katsu, don, and noodle entrees.

The drinks
Maguro serves wine and beer as well as tea and soft drinks, but it does not have a full bar.

The service/ambience
As I mentioned earlier on, Maguro can easily be mistaken for a hole in the wall. The restaurant is quite small, but it is well kept, nicely decorated, and the service is great. It’s a perfect spot to go for a low-key meal that won’t sacrifice quality.

Maguro also does a great deal of take out and delivery, but there’s something nice about dining in at the sushi bar in such a quiet, calming restaurant.

Regardless of Maguro’s small space, it’s a restaurant that deserves recognition for its quality sushi and overall lovely environment. If you happen to stumble upon it as I did, don’t pass by. It has, after all, retained a rating of 4.4 out of five stars.


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