1200 Miles


By Dane Feldman

Wine poached pear with spiced tea cake, port sauce, and dark chocolate. Photos by Dane Feldman.

Winter Restaurant Week here in New York City has ended as of yesterday, but I did have the opportunity to dine once before its conclusion. I went to 1200 Miles, which is located on 21st Street between 5th and 6th in the Flatiron District of Manhattan.

The food
The Mediterranean restaurant’s menu “features the influences found in French, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Moroccan Cooking.” These various styles are apparent in 1200 Miles’ Restaurant Week menu, which includes ingredients like crisp Serrano ham, lemon truffle vinaigrette, and saffron golden beets.

The mushroom soup.

Restaurant Week dinner is a three-course prix fixe meal ($38), which allows restaurants to offer a small handful of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. I ordered the soup (chestnuts, porcini mushrooms, grilled pear gremolata, and sourdough croutons) to start. This soup was like no other mushroom soup I have ever tasted with a grittiness and richness that almost resembled cocoa.

Roast pork tenderloin.

Then, I had the roast pork tenderloin, which was served atop savoy cabbage with smoked bacon and mustard alongside whipped Yukon gold potatoes. The pork was delicious, the mustard was extremely fresh, and the mashed potatoes were whipped to perfection.

Ricotta cheesecake.

To complete the food portion of the evening, I ordered the ricotta cheesecake with fruit and vin santo. This cheesecake confirmed for me that cheesecake made with ricotta is tenfold more delicious than cheesecake made with cream cheese. And we all know I love cream cheese.

The drinks

When I first arrived, it was still happy hour at the restaurant so I ordered their featured cocktail. On this specific night, it was the delicious Rascasse: grapefruit vodka, Campari, Cinzano red, grapefruit liqueur, grapefruit, and yuzu served up in a martini glass.

During the meal, my cohort and I went straight for 1200 Miles’ wine flight. I’ve not seen this before, but for Restaurant Week at 1200 Miles patrons can choose to order the wine flight, which allows them to have one glass of wine per course including a dessert wine during the third course. I went for three whites: a Greek wine followed by two Italian wines. This was a great deal and I would absolutely do it again.

The service/ambience
Everything about 1200 Miles is impressive. The beautiful space is enormous, but sectioned off quite well into a bar/lounge area and two dining areas. The restaurant itself features nods to its European roots with French and Italian artwork as well as rustic, Parisian white walls.

The service is excellent, too. It’s clear that the wait staff is well trained, knowledgeable, attentive, and as friendly as can be. All in all, the experience was wonderful and, Restaurant Week or not, I’ll be back to 1200 Miles.