Summit Greek Grill


By Dane Feldman

Photo by Dane Feldman.

Summit Greek Grill is a brand new addition to the Summit, New Jersey restaurant scene. It is located on the corner of Summit Ave and Bank St, right at the edge of the bustling downtown area.

The food
The food here ranges quite a bit, but at the heart of it all, Summit Greek Grill serves authentic Greek food. Patrons can, however, enjoy a breakfast of omelettes, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast wraps, yogurt, pancakes, or French toast.

If you are uninterested in breakfast, fear not. Summit Greek Grill also offers lunch and dinner: salads galore, wraps, paninis, burgers, Mediterranean-inspired pizzas (spinach pie pizza anyone?), and even crepes.

BBQ or Greek-style ribs (lemon oregano) are on offer as well as a whole or half chicken. Other Greek specialties are on the menu as well, like moussaka, tiropita, and spanakopita.

As enticing as that all sounded when I first set foot inside Summit Greek Grill, I went for a yeero, or gyro. Truth be told, I haven’t been willing to try shawarma or falafel since my trip to Israel over two years ago, but after such a long drought I finally gave in to my craving and ordered the beef and lamb yeero with tomato, onion, lettuce, and tzatziki sauce. In Israel, I grew to savvy their custom of putting French fries right inside of gyros, so I ordered a side of fries as well.

The yeero was absolutely fantastic. The meat was juicy and delicious, the pita was thick and warm, and the French fries were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. If I can’t be in the Mediterranean eating shawarma, I’ll take a beef and lamb yeero from Summit Greek Grill any day.

The drinks
This restaurant is BYO, but it does offer a huge selection of soft drinks.

The service/ambience
Summit Greek Grill is nothing fancy. In fact, in ambience it is just a cut above a fast food restaurant. Patrons order at the counter, receive a number, and seat themselves. Where the restaurant stands out is that the staff will bring the food to the table (like they do at countless other quicker places) and even return as waiters do to check on the tables.

At a place like this, the concept of tipping can get a bit hairy, but my suggestion is to do it. The staff brings the food to you, they’ll engage in conversation, bring you anything else you need, and even clean up when you are finished. This place is the perfect low-key spot when people are looking for something easy, but not entirely do-it-yourself.

The prices are great, the staff is friendly and enthusiastic, the restaurant is clean, and the food is wildly good. I’ll be returning because dining at Summit Greek Grill means enjoying a quick meal without sacrificing quality or experience.