Miss Korea

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Not too far from the BTRtoday office is a wonderful world called Koreatown. This little enclave is located entirely within a few block radius; mostly on the block of West 32nd street between fifth and sixth avenue.

There are countless restaurants located in this area, each one with its own host of delicious treats to stuff your face with. One of these gems is called Miss Korea BBQ–and its a classic Korean BBQ joint with flavorful dishes that pack a punch.

The menu is a little intimidating; it’s difficult to know what to order! Some coworkers and I stopped in for lunch, and we decided that our best bet was to just order a bunch of meat and hope for the best.

We were seated at a table in the back, and our waiter lit up the BBQ grill located in the middle of our table.

One of the perks of Korean BBQ is that it comes with all sorts of side dishes to munch on! These are called “banchan” and they consist of everything from salted fish to burdock root.

The meat that we got was two parts pork, two parts beef, and all around fantastic. The sizzling grill cooked the slabs before our eyes while our mouths watered accordingly.

By the time we finished eating, we were full to the brim! It wasn’t what you’d call a light lunch. Even though the meat in our stomachs perhaps made our afternoon work load a little bit more difficult to handle, it was worth it.

Who knows, maybe we’ll have to make it a weekly ritual.