EN Japanese Brasserie

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Too often, conceptions of Japanese cuisine are relegated to a narrow world of sushi and noodles. The truth is so much broader–and it offers countless tantalizing dishes that open up the mind and the palate.

EN Japanese Brasserie is located at 435 Hudson Street. The website boasts, “Chef Abe Hiroki offers a modern approach to the rich traditions of Japanese cooking. Like we do in Japan, we cook with the seasons, and savor the peak flavor of ingredients.”

The restaurant is cavernous, with impossibly high ceilings and refined decor. The food is pricey, but luckily for my visit I was accompanied by my lovely parents, who footed the bill. Reading the menu and selecting our dishes was a bit of an overwhelming task to take on. The mammoth menu had a few different dining options: either a prefix chosen by the chef, or a series of small to medium sized plates that could be ordered a la carte.

We opted for the latter.

After exploring our choices, and ordering some drinks to hold us over, we decided on a series of dishes that struck our fancy.

The stand-out dish by far was the Wagyu beef. Wagyu is an incredibly special type of Japanese beef: the fat marbling is like no other, resulting in a meat so tender and buttery that it literally melts in your mouth.

Our Wagyu came served raw, on a hot stone. With our chopsticks we cooked the small strips of beef on the stone for a few moments, so that they were just browned on the outside. This dish was intoxicating! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

The food was outstanding, and the atmosphere was delightful. EN Japanese Brasserie is definitely one for the books.