English Breakfast At Oscar's Place

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The West Village is full of quaint little spots to grab a bite. Something it’s at times lacking, though, is good old fashioned comfort food without pretension. That’s where Oscar’s Place, a tiny little Belgian restaurant located on the corner of Hudson and Barrow street, comes in.

The decor is nothing to write home about, and the menu isn’t fancy, adventurous, or all that exciting. However, this hole-in-the-wall provides something that’s sometimes lacking in a city full of strangers: A place that feels like home.

The coffee is decent, the Wifi is strong and generously granted, and the food fills you up without you having to think too hard. During my most recent visit, I opted for the English Breakfast: a plate packed full of just about everything one could hope for: Bacon, Sausage, Eggs, Baked Beans, and Fried Tomato!

Sitting outside, in the shade, on a perfect late summer’s day, eating food that feels authentic, I got a sense that a day that begins with that type of food is going to be a good day. Like when you’re a kid, and your mom wakes up early to make you pancakes before you work on your school project: it gives you that extra push to do better, to work harder, knowing that somebody is there to help you through.

If you’re looking for a no nonsense meal with friendly service to match, look no further. Oscar’s place isn’t too pricey, and it’s never too crowded! Pay them a visit.