Cold Coffee Cubes to the Rescue

By Dane Feldman
Image by Dane Feldman.

In honor of Slow Week and the fast-approaching summer, I made coffee ice cubes! This has been trending for a while and for good reason. Coffee cubes are a fantastic way to stay cool (and caffeinated) this summer without having to tolerate watered down iced coffee.

What you’ll need:
3 or more ice cube trays
4 espresso shots
2 cups coffee (choose your own flavors!)
1 cup milk
1/4 cup half and half

What I really like about making coffee ice cubes is that we can be a little experimental with them. Everybody takes their coffee a little differently, so I’d suggest trying to stick as close to your preferences as possible, otherwise your cubes won’t come out to your liking.

Fill some of the cube slots completely with espresso. If you take your coffee strong (or just love espresso like I do), you’ll want at least 1 or 2 cubes that are just plain espresso.

For milky cubes, fill a couple slots with just milk. Then, fill a couple about halfway with coffee and top off with milk or half and half. I like to put these cubes in black coffee because, as they melt, it adds just a taste of milk (and duh, more coffee).

If, like me, you enjoy a bit of Splenda (or sugar) in your coffee, make a couple of cubes the same way you would make a cup of coffee. Pour in the coffee, then add about a half of a packet of Splenda. Stir before putting it in the freezer so that the Splenda has the chance to dissolve.

I haven’t tried this yet, but for some black or white Russian fun, I’d certainly suggest testing out some boozy coffee cubes. Add Kahlua to your milky cubes or your black coffee cubes. Or, make a couple of straight Kahlua cubes to add to your coffee later.

Have you ever made or tried coffee ice cubes? How do you like them best?