Adobo Grilled Chicken


By Dane Feldman

Photo by Dane Feldman.

The certain secret to ensuring your chicken is juicy on the inside, but crisp on the outside is patience. Yes, grilling is often marked as easy and quick, but to cook the perfect chicken you’ll want to marinade it first and then slow cook it to make sure it doesn’t burn and dry out.

What you’ll need:
1 chicken, cut up
1/4 cup Spanish olive oil
1/8 cup white balsamic vinegar
1/8 cup white wine
2 tsp adobo seasoning
1 tsp poultry seasoning

Whisk dry and wet ingredients together in a large bowl. Place the chicken in a large plastic bag and pour the marinade into the bag. Add the rosemary. Shake well and let marinate for 1-2 hours.

Grill on low heat and turn every 10 minutes for 40 minutes. Brush the additional marinade onto the chicken as you turn it. Make sure the chicken is fully cooked at 40 minutes before removing from heat and serving.