Seafood Paella

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Paella is a delicious one-pot meal, hailing from Spain, that’s packed full of flavor. It has a lot of elements, and can therefore seem difficult and intimidating, but when it comes down to it it’s a simple, no-nonsense dish that’ll leave your guests coming back for seconds and thirds.

What You’ll Need:
2 cups Arborio Rice
One tomato
One shallot
1/2 white onion
One clove garlic
3 1/2 cups chicken stock
1/2 cup dry white wine
3/4 lb mussels
3/4 lb shrimp
1 dry chorizo sausage
Flat leaf parsley
Olive oil
Sugar snap-peas
One tablespoon brown sugar
One large pinch saffron
Salt, pepper, red pepper flakes to taste

In a large, deep pan (or Paella pan, if you have one!), heat olive oil.
Mince garlic, shallot, onion, and tomato and add to olive oil to make a sofrito
Cook until onions are translucent. Add salt, pepper, and paprika.
Add rice to pan, toss until coated in sofrito. Toast rice, then add the chicken broth and white wine.
Bring to a boil, add saffron, more paprika, red pepper flakes, and one tablespoon brown sugar, then cover pan and reduce heat. Chop a handful of sugar snap peas, and your chorizo sausage. Allow rice to cook for about 15/20 minutes, until liquid is mostly evaporated.
Remove lid, stir rice to distribute flavor (be careful to not disturb the rice on the bottom of the pan, as you would like to create a crispy crust at the bottom).
Add chorizo, snap peas, and shrimp.
In a pan on the side, with a skim of water, steam mussels until shells open. Add to paella pan.
Allow shrimp to cook all the way through, about 5 minutes. Rough-chop parsley and sprinkle on pan. Squeeze the juice of one lemon on top, and slice lemon wedges for garnish. Serve and enjoy!