Hawaiian Poke

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Poke is one of the lesser known raw fish dishes (sushi, ceviche, tartare, and crudo have made their way more completely into NYC’s culinary lexicon). However, in my humble opinion, it’s one of the most delicious.

Born in Hawaii, Poke consists of only a few, uncooked ingredients. The word itself roughly translates into “to slice or cut,” which is precisely the only preparation needed.

The dish couldn’t be easier to prepare!

What You’ll Need:
2lbs. Sushi grade tuna
One shallot
Ginger root
One cup soy sauce
Two tablespoons sesame oil
One bunch green spring onions

Slice shallot thinly.
Grate one tablespoon fresh ginger.
Chop approximately 3/4 cup of green spring onions.
Cube tuna (cutting against the grain.)
Put all ingredients in a large metal bowl.
Add one cup soy sauce and two tablespoons sesame oil.
Mix ingredients.
Serve with sushi rice, and enjoy!