Gnocchi With Brown Butter and Sage Sauce

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This is one of the simplest dishes one can make (especially if you opt for store-bought instead of homemade Gnocchi). Brown butter sauce is a fail-save, super yummy way to finish off any high quality pasta you can get your hands on, or make!

What You’ll Need:
Five yukon gold potatoes
One egg
Fresh Sage
Parmesan cheese

To make Gnocchi: roast five yukon gold potatoes until soft.
Remove from oven, peel skin off.
Mash with a stick of butter, and salt and pepper.
Add about a cup of flour (depending on how large your potatoes are, you may have to adjust the amount of flour you incorporate).
Add one egg.
Mix together, but do not overwork the dough; you want your Gnocchi to be fluffy, not dense.
Roll dough into long rods, cut into intervals of about 1/2 inch. Dust with flour.
Boil water and add Gnocchi–you can tell it is ready when the Gnocchi floats to the top.

For Sauce: Add one stick of butter to a pan over medium heat.
Keep an eye on the butter as it melts, making sure that it doesn’t burn; a foam should form, and the butter should start to change color and take on a nutty scent.
Add fresh sage (about 10 leaves, roughly chopped)
Coat cooked Gnocchi with your brown butter sauce, top with fresh cracked pepper and grated parmesan cheese.