I Made The Best Nachos, And You Can Too

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Nachos are one of those foods that are perfect in their simplicity. It doesn’t take much to make a killer plate of Nachos, but there are a few simple tricks that will help elevate your modest party food to the star of the night.

1. Use Leftovers!
Nachos are the perfect receptacle for your leftover chicken, steak, shrimp, short rib, whatever! It’s a quick way to repurpose just about any neglected protein you have lying around.

2. Layers!
The secret to a scrumptious plate of nachos is to add your toppings in layers, that way each and every chip is drenched in cheese, beans, salsa, and yummy hot peppers!

3. Don’t OVERTOP!
There’s a fine line between loaded nachos and a plate of beans with some chips sticking out of it. Make sure not to add so many toppings that everything gets soggy and soppy and impossible to eat with your hands. It’s finger food, make sure it stays that way!

4. Fresh Ingredients On Top!
Elevate your Nachos once they’ve finished cooking by adding sour cream, fresh pico de gallo, and sliced avocado! The cold-on-hot fresh-on-cooked combo is absolutely delicious.