Don't Fear Seafood!

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For some reason, I’ve found that most people I know who dabble in home-cooking tend to avoid Seafood. It has a connotation of being difficult, or having a larger chance of not being fresh and tasty. In reality, as long as you’re buying quality products, neither of these things are true. Practice just a little bit of thought and planning and you’ll find it’s one of the most failsafe things to cook to impress. Here are three quick tips for conquering your fear of seafood!

Don’t Overcook!
This is the cardinal rule of fish, because nothing ruins a fresh fillet like turning it into a veritable hockey puck. I avoid overcooking by being extraordinarily diligent, and even often removing fish from heat before I think it’s ready: It will continue to cook as it rests and, if it’s too raw, you can always stick it back in the pan or oven.

Go Simple!
Fish tends to have delicate flavor, so it’s best not to overpower it with too much else. Think lemon, fresh herbs, Salt and Pepper. Of course, you can embellish upon these ingredients once you gain confidence, but as your getting acclimated just stick to the basics.

Buy From A Seafood Purveyor!
Cut out the middle man. Buying frozen or questionable quality from a grocery store leaves you with uncertainty, and likely a less attractive product. Eliminate the mystery factor and purchase from people who know exactly where and from whence it came. Another plus is that those working in places specializing in Seafood likely also have a wealth of knowledge to share about preparation, taste, etc. so don’t be afraid to ask questions!