Infused Olive Oil

A solid litmus test for the caliber of a restaurant is the quality of their olive oil. And nothing speaks volumes more than specialized, artisan infused olive oil.


Despite the refined nature of this condiment, the process couldn’t be simpler to replicate at home: simply choose a dried herb or spice, some tasty olive oil, and a few smaller bottles or mason jars. Combine the olive oil and your desired flavoring, and wait!

Thyme, red pepper flakes, Rosemary…all of these flavors you have lying around your kitchen are perfect for impromptu infusions. These homemade concoctions make great gifts, or additions to dinner parties when you don’t feel like buying a bottle of wine or whipping up a last minute dish.

Flavored oils are a great addition to your repertoire, sure to impress your guests. They’ll spice up your salad dressings, or act as a simple accompaniment to fresh bread. And, if you play your cards right, the bottles also act as beautiful decorative additions to any kitchen.

Featured photo by Allen Sheffield.