Chilled To The Bone

The deep dark days of winter bring with them bone-chilling effects. Luckily, though, there’s a healthy, effective way to warm your bones–with bones!

Bone broth has been touted a miracle curative, perfect to combat your sniffles, coughs, and general flu-like lethargy.

There are plenty of places to purchase bone broth, however, it’s also something that requires almost no effort to make yourself, although the time commitment is significant. All you need is some old bones, and about twenty-four hours! These elixirs are packed full of protein, glycine, proline and gelatin; which support digestion, skin health, and detoxification, respectively.

Furthermore, these full-bodied broths are bursting with flavor, so it’s not like plugging your nose and downing gross cough medicine. If you feel a cold coming on, or if you just want to help boost your general health, sip a cup of this tasty, healing, salty goodness.

Featured photo by atl10trader.