Leftover Innovations

If you’re truly basking in post Thanksgiving laziness, stick to your classic leftover standards, like turkey sandwiches or soup. But if you want to get creative, try thinking a little outside the tupperware box! Here are a few innovative ideas for dealing with your full fridge!

Turkey Tacos:
This one is a bit of a no-brainer, because pretty much anything can make a great taco if you put the right twist on it.

Stuffing Arancini:
Leftover stuffing is perfect the way that it is, but my philosophy is that most things only get better if you deep fry them. Take a note from Arancini (friend risotto balls), and form your stuffing into balls, fill them with cheese, give them an egg wash then roll them in Panko or bread crumbs and deep fry those suckers.

Mashed Potato Fritters:
Same philosophy as the last suggesting. Take your mush, make them into patties, and fry them up! You can even turn them into tater tots if you’re feeling ambitious.

Cranberry sauce muffins or quick-bread:
Don’t throw away your extra home-made cranberry sauce! Instead, cook it into muffins or a quick-bread, and then smother them in cream-cheese.

Turkey curry:
Grab some coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal, and curry paste and turn your turkey into a Thai curry. You can also throw your leftover veg in there. This will totally switch up the flavor profile of your food, and make you not-so-sick of your plain old turkey after the third day.

Featured photo by Liz West.