Iced Coffee And Cold Brew Season

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Warm weather brings more than just sunshine and frolics through the park. It’s time to chuck those steamy cardboard cups of hot coffee into their proper receptacles and whip out those cold cups of plastic filled with cold caffeinated goodness.

There are some who are gung-ho year round about ice coffee, claiming the cold weather gives it longevity. However, they’re probably psychopaths, just saying… There’s nothing like letting your frozen body defrost with a hot cup of Joe filling you up on a snowy day. Exactly like how there’s nothing as refreshing a nice freezing cold cup of iced coffee or cold brew on a hot and steamy summer’s morning.

Let’s breakdown the difference between iced coffee and cold brew for all you caffeine amateurs out there:

Iced coffee is usually drip-coffee set up to drip directly onto a steaming pile of ice to chill the golden elixir immediately. It’s a quick and ready to serve process.

Cold brew is when you steep coffee grounds in cold water and leave it in the fridge overnight to infuse with the water. Then in the morning you strain out the grounds to have a heavenly pick-me up drink good-to-go.

A little warning with cold brew; it usually ends up being slightly more caffeinated than your usually cup of mud, so be prepared to feel tweaked out of your mind–in a good way. Not everyone will be affected this way, caffeine addicts will probably feel fine, but those one-cup-a-day freaks are going to feel a little crazy. (Just kidding, you’re not freaks. You’re stronger than us).

Now, the only problem that some may have with these refreshingly chilled coffee beverages is that they’re not usually poured into that favorite mug of yours.

R.I.P. mug that reads, “I’m crabby before my coffee,” or “Best [whatever] Alive!”

A few might see that as a positive, but they’re probably just mad because no one has ever given them a mug that reads “I like you even before my coffee.” They just don’t understand.

Anyways, don’t let society get you down! You pour that cold brew into that mug that’s shaped like Darth Vader’s head if you want. Utilize that freedom we fought so hard for back in 1775!

Team Chilled-Forms-of-Caffeinated-Beverages forever!