If I Do Say So Myself

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Not to brag–but I’m definitely going to brag–I am a damn good cook. So good in fact, that I must say that the meals I make for myself are some of my all around favorites. Naturally, since I’m the one cooking them, they tend to cater to my tastes; spicy, saucy, mega-flavorful, and often messy, so maybe I’m biased. That said, I never really disappoint myself (in this sphere at least…).

However, I’m presented with a dilemma when I cook for others. Should I feign modesty, or just give myself the praise and credit I so clearly deserve for knocking a dish out of the park? Is it uncouth to take a bite of your own creation and say “Damn, that’s delicious?” Is it improper etiquette to release those guttural mmmmm sounds when you’re alone, enjoying the leftovers you made and then saved especially for your super special number one priority, yourself?

I can’t humbly brush off compliments either. Because, with evidence supporting the exaltation of my cohorts inside of my very mouth, how am I to open said mouth and protest with a half-hearted, “Thank you, but no, I mean it’s really not that good. You’re so kind.”

The proof is in the pudding, kids! And if I made that pudding, you better believe it is downright delicious, if I do say so myself.