Kitchen Improvement

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Readers, you may or may not know that I recently moved into an apartment with a tiny kitchen, with hardly enough counter space to hold a cutting board, and cabinets that even a mouse would scoff at for lack of space to nest. However, I have slowly but surely embarked on a series of kitchen-improvement measures that have proven to be downright genius. And by “I,” of course, I mean a very accommodating, sweet man who I also happen to be sleeping with.

Let’s get one thing straight though–I do not lack building skills simply because I am a woman, nor does he possess them merely because he is a man. No, au contraire, he has these extraordinary carpentry talents because he worked as a professional word-worker for many years, and I lack them because I am lazy and a bit of a slob. Okay?

A couple of weeks ago, he assembled a kitchen island, which has made food preparation a whole lot easier. Last weekend, the task at hand was to build a set of shelves for the kitchen items that poured out of my mini-cupboards and onto the limited and precious counter space.

So, we travelled to Home Depot and purchased the necessary items. We spent the next couple of days scurrying around my apartment, relishing in our performance of traditional gender roles whilst also cursing the patriarchy for instilling within us these compulsions towards masculinity and femininity as they are culturally defined: he guzzled beers and sawed raw lumber while I made cute labels and cooked us dinner. Yikes.

Our unfortunate internalization of heteronormative couple behavior aside, the shelves turned out to be quite lovely. Functional too.