My Week Eating In

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Since moving to New York City, I’ve developed a nasty habit of dining out (or ordering delivery) nearly every day of the week. It’s a shame, because, even though I love to cook, preparing a meal at home has become somewhat of a novelty.

Last week, that changed. For what I’m quite certain is the first time ever in my time living in the city, I ate a home-cooked meal every night of the week. It was accidental, and downright unprecedented. Here’s the breakdown:

Monday: On Monday a girlfriend dropped by my new apartment, to go through some clothes I was giving away, and drink some tasty wine. I defrosted some Easy Anchovy Tomato Sauce that I’d whipped up a few weeks earlier. With a side kale salad, grated high-end parmesan, and fresh torn basil, we had a delicious meal in no time.

Tuesday: Three friends came by my place, and, since my new kitchen was still not completely set up, we decided to opt for a no-cook meal. We whipped up a delicious Hawaiian Poke, served with sushi rice, and a Napa cabbage slaw that would make your toes curl.

Wednesday: I made my way out to Brooklyn on Wednesday for dinner at my boyfriend’s house. He prepared a pasta with red sauce, with a side Kale Caesar Salad. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I’d had a nearly identical meal but two days before. It was scrumptious, and the $10.00 bottle of merlot flowed freely.

Thursday: It was the first time I would be cooking dinner for the boy and I wanted to swing big. I visited the fancy new grocery store in my neighborhood, Mrs. Greens, and picked up the ingredients for one of my go-to impressive meals: Roasted Salmon with blood orange, lemon, olive oil, maple syrup, fennel, and garlic. I also roasted a Kabocha squash with miso butter for good measure.

Friday: A friend of mine was feeling particularly broke this week, so I offered that for our standing Friday dinner, I’d treat her to a home-cooked meal. I made up a recipe for Lemon, Mandarin Orange, and Thyme Cast-Iron Chicken, and It was downright delicious. I’ll definitely be making it again one day, and you should too!

So, there you have it friends: A portrait of a week of home-cooked meals. Challenge yourself to cook every night next week, then treat yourself to a fancy meal out on the weekend! You’ll save some money, and have some fun while you’re at it.